Reginald Jackson

Reginald “Reggie” Jackson is a native of Los Angeles California. He attended school in the rough area South Central. Despite his surroundings made his dreams a reality. He inherited a natural ability understanding music, choreography and dance. As a kid he was fascinated with singing, musical instruments and dance of any kind. His training and professional career in entertainment as a choreographer/dancer started the age of 15years old. He joined a local dance group called “Expectation” who was managed by Deborah Johnson and renowned dancer Gouda Brooks of the Harlem Ballet Dance Troop. His choreography to Michael Jackson “Tabloid Junkie” ignited a fire in him and became lead choreographer for the dance group and soon was show cased on a cable network TV show called RAW TALENT. Reggie further pursued his training in dance, music and acting. Although he began as a street hip-hop dancer, his passion and fascination with Jazz dance caused for him seek out and train with some the best in LA. He pays homages to dance and acting teachers Renee King, Regina Williams, Andre Fuentes, Alexia Robinson.

By the age of 18years old, Reggie Jackson was dancing with some the greatest dancers known in LA. He was making a name for himself. Reggie Jackson has worked with some Top Choreographers: Fatima Robinson, Rose and Jamal, Hi-Hat, Laure Anne Gipson, Brian Freedmen, Michael Rooney, Jamie King and Cassie Crump. He has appeared in numerous national commercials: Pepsi, Gap Khaki Soul, Master Card, Visa, Pizza Hut, just to name a few. He has danced in many music videos working with recording artist such as Will Smith, Britney Spears, JC Chasez of NSYNC and Americas Best Dance CREW, Kandi of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Sean Puffy Combs. Reggie Jackson felt he had really made it when world-renowned choreographer Fatima Robinson hired him to work with and dance on the World Tour of the famous boy band the Backstreet Boys. Reggie has also appeared in the movies: Dream Girls, Hair Spray, Fat Albert, Millie Syrus, and Disney Movie The Country Bears.