Kristin Denehy

Kristin’s love of dance began early when she dreamt of becoming a ballerina. She spent countless hours in class and listened incessantly to the music of Tchaikovsky. But when MTV landed on the scene bringing videos of Madonna, Janet and Michael Jackson into her home, Kristin’s new dream was born: touring the world with such artists. She spent her teens in the club scene, honing her skills in the dance circle as well as learning every latest dance craze that swept the nation.

Kristin attended Fordham University in New York, and her career began simultaneously. She became one of the regulars on MTV’s hit show ‘The Grind’ as well as its popular workout videos. She also earned her spot on the coveted New York Knicks City Dancers team. Her first tour was for international hitmakers Reel2Real of the ‘I Like to Move It’ fame. She met an LA based agent during that time who convinced her that, if touring with big artists was her dream, then LA was really the place to be. Within a year she took that leap of faith.

Her dreams were soon realized as she became one of LA’s top dancers. She shared the stage with the likes of Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Will Smith, Prince, Shakira, Ricky Martin, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, No Doubt and many other top artists of this generation.

As a choreographer, Kristin has developed a wide-ranging clientele, including: Taylor Swift, David Guetta, How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Masters of Sex (Showtime), Ylvis, The Sing-Off (NBC), America’s Got Talent (NBC), ASIA Entertainment, Guys’ Choice Awards (Spike), ALMA Awards (MSNBC), Reebok, Target, Kidz Bop, Dancing With The Stars (ABC) and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Kristin is a master teacher and movement coach who has taught students worldwide including celebrities and top musical artists such as Tom Cruise and Mike Posner.